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Who else wants a smaller waist, thinner thighs and a reflection from the mirror they’re proud to see?

With the power of my 9 herbal-slimming secrets, I’ll take you by the hand and help you gain control of your appetite, eliminate your sugar cravings and kill that “gotta have it” voice drowning out your dreams of ever feeling great about how you look practically overnight!
You’re seconds away from the 9-herbal secrets I’ve been using to help thousands now lose weight and get...
  • Self-control to make better food choices…
  • The power to deny foods you know you shouldn’t eat…
  • The joy of loser fitting clothes…
  • And actually save money in the process of losing weight!
Let me tell you how all this happens…
The fact is: if you’ve been loading your body with empty calories—usually from sweets, processed foods or imbalanced meals—you’ve created a double-whammy of a weight loss problem.
Not only are you filling your body with bad calories, but because of the lack of nutrients you’re taking in…

Your Energy Is Too Zapped To Make A Change!

Being tired and eating bad meals creates and ever-worsening cycle of depression.
You want to lose weight, but it keeps piling on and on. And then the worse can actually happen…
You settle in and think you’ll never lose weight. You think you’ll always be overweight. Nothing could be further from the truth—but you’ve got to get the right help.

How To Safely Lose Weight -The Right Way

Science proves it, many know it, but hardly anyone does it.
If you want to lose weight, there’s a simple formula:

  • Drink plenty of water…
  • Lower your daily calorie intake…
  • And move your body!
Easier said than done—the fact is, most people drink pop instead of water, consume too many calories—bad ones at that—and because of what they put in their bodies, they have no energy to move their bodies!
The cycle continues.

How To Lose Weight Now

What you need is a solution that will help in all these three areas: water intake, lower daily calories and having more energy.
Well, let me introduce to you:
Drop Slim is a unique blend of 9 potent herbs that solve all three of these problems and enable you to lose weight.

Each capsule contains a “fat-burning” blend found in no other appetite suppressant. Each ingredient is specially designed to…
  • Boost your energy levels so you won’t just lie down and never move your body…
  • Make you want to drink extra water…
  • Empower you to overcome your sugar cravings and tell bad food choices, unhealthy snack and pop, “NO”!

9 Secret Herbal-Slimming Ingredients Revealed!

Inside each and every capsule you’ll get today when you decide to fit into smaller clothes, you’ll get these breakthrough herbal ingredients, that when combined together, give you a unique weight-loss formula found nowhere else! <
Herbal-Slimming Secret #1: Guarana
Guarana boosts your energy as a potent source of naturally occurring caffeine. Studies show the consumption of Guarana will keep you active for longer—great for burning more calories and trimming your waist line!
Herbal-Slimming Secret #2: Siberian Ginseng
Proven to help calm you down and boost your energy, Siberian Ginseng will give you the “zing” you need to get up move your body which will help you lose weight safer and faster!
Herbal-Slimming Secret #3: Glucomannan
Clinical evidence suggests glucomannan absorbs the water you’ll be drinking to form a comfortable, gel-like mass in your stomach—so you’ll feel full and won’t want to eat all the time!
Herbal-Slimming Secret #4: Spirulina
This herbal energy booster in clinical studies showed to help increase energy and lengthen the “point of exhaustion” in participants. So you’ll get more energy and be able to live your day with vigor longer—burning more calories, feeling good and ultimately helping you into a smaller size without any jittery feelings!
Herbal-Slimming Secret #5: Green Tea
In a Birmingham University study, over in the UK, the results of clinical trials of Green Tea (which also is a naturally occurring caffeine) consumption actually help participants to burn fat faster! Imagine what will happen when you start taking it in this simple capsule every day until you reach your ideal weight! When your friends and family ask you what you’re doing, you’ll be hailing Drop Slim as your new found friend!
Herbal-Slimming Secret #6: Gymnema Sylvestre
Kick you sugar cravings to the curb with this little secret. This herb has been shown to actually reduce the taste of sugar when it’s placed in your mouth. It actually reduces sugar cravings. Think of how you’ll look if you can walk away from all those “sugar devils” running around dying to add pounds to your frame. Now you’ll have the power to tell them, “Get Ye Behind Me!”
Herbal-Slimming Secret #7: Cayenne
This hot little friend of yours will single handedly increase your metabolism by as much as 25%... so you’ll lose weight that much faster, if you take it on a daily basis. Now, it’s easy when you add Drop Slim to your daily routine.
Herbal-Slimming Secret #8: Cinnamon Bark
This little spicy gem actually helps in improving insulin resistance. You know what that means? You’re getting a natural diabetes helper everyday with Drop Slim!
Final Slimming Secret #9: Chromium Picolinate
Now you’ll be able to get control of your appetite with Chromiun Picolinate because this fat-loss helper reduces carbohydrate cravings and sugar cravings. Plus, it helps burn fat wherever it’s stored in your body and helps to maintain muscle mass—so you can burn more calories per hour!

Still think you can’t lose weight?

Actually, you can. Let me explain: All these people whose stories are posted on the right have taken either Drop Slim or Drop Slim Plus. Each weight-loss formula is specially designed to help you with very specific challenges you struggle against. Whether it’s mastering sugar cravings… or… if it’s having the power to say “no” to foods you know you shouldn’t eat. You now have a solution for either problem. What’s important for you to understand now is, knowing what you want and need.

  • Overcome your addiction to sugar….
  • Look good and feel happy about yourself…
  • Fit into all the clothes you really want to wear…

…with Drop Slim… or Drop Slim Plus, it’s all done simply and easily.
Let’s put that last statement to the test. Here’s a side-by-side look at both products:


Which Formula Is Right For You? Take This Simple Self-Examination— Just Answer 1 Question



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“Hi, this is Robin Anthony, founder of Renu Herbs and creator of Drop Slim. When you order today, you’re in for a truly profound weight-loss experience.

“This unique blend, you can’t find anywhere else, combines the most effective appetite control, sugar-craving suppressing, fat-burning herbs anywhere.

“I’ve never put my name on a product I didn’t know worked. As you can tell by all the testimonials you see, you’ll get results too when you follow the simple Drop Slim regimen.

“So here’s what you do: Start with 1 capsule of Drop Slim 15-20 minutes before a healthy breakfast. If you feel hungry later in the evening or even find yourself craving unhealthy foods, then the next day take 1-2 capsules in the morning and another before 2:00 in the afternoon if needed. But, do not exceed 4 capsules a day. You should also take the capsules 1 hour before your coffee - if you’re a coffee drinker.

“The reason you should start off with our #1 product, the herbal colon cleanser, is that so many of us eat 2-3 meals a day but only have a movement once a day or every other day. This leaves us feeling bloated in our mid section. Our recent survey showed that those who took our colon cleanser with the fat burner achieved the best results!

“So start with 2-3 capsules of our colon cleanser before dinner with a large glass of water. The next morning when you eliminate, if you see no difference, then increase by a capsule until you experience regular bowel movements. That’s it.

“And to make you even more secure that you’ll be absolutely satisfied with your slimming down experience, I’m providing you a complete money-back guarantee...

“Get Drop Slim today and try it out. Take a month and decide if this product is really for you. Either be completely satisfied with the results you’re getting from this product or give me a call or shoot me an email, and I’ll make sure you get your money back, less shipping and handling. So let’s Drop Slim together.

“Let me also say this before you go. It’s always important to check with your doctor before starting anything as revolutionary as a weight loss solution. Even though it’s common knowledge that excess fat on your body is unhealthy, it’s always best to inform your doctor about what you want to do especially if you are under his care.

“Obesity is out of control right now and it’s linked to so many illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and so much more.

“May God bless you with good health.”

Robin Anthony

**Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule first thing in the morning 15-20 minutes before breakfast. If needed take another capsule before lunch. Do not exceed 4 capsules a day. They should not be taken all at once. If appetite is not sufficiently suppressed, take 2 before breakfast and 1 to 2 before 2:00 pm. Do not take after 2:00 p.m. to avoid interference with sleep. Not to be taken during pregnancy or lactation. We suggest you drink up to 6 glasses of water a day and make sure to eat healthy balanced meals. It is also suggested that you incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week for optimal results. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult with your doctor before taking this product.

I Dropped 12 pounds in 10 days!
My waist went from 42 to 32 and my stomach area has gotten smaller. My sugar cravings aren’t quite as strong and I want to drink more water now.
Rev. Delorice Beamon
Drop Slim is Amazing!
I have lost 4 pounds in a week. Drop Slim really helped me control my appetite and now I need lots of water.
Yada Payne
I Was So Tired Of Being Overweight!
I had to remind myself to eat because I didn’t feel hungry. And, I didn’t have sugar cravings! I felt more alert and noticed the biggest change in my midsection. Best of all other people noticed! I took Drop Slim about 10 days and I lost 5 pounds
I Would Recommend It To Anyone…
The very first day I took Drop Slim I could tell the difference in my appetite. I have taken them for 15 days and I’ve dropped 9 pounds. I truly love this product and I would recommend it to anyone that needs a jump start to weight loss. And another great thing about this fat burner is that it doesn’t hinder me from getting my rest at night (other products keep me awake and makes me feel nervous and jittery).
Zelphyr E. Scott
Drop Slim Definitely Works
I am writing to tell you that Drop Slim definitely works. I have struggled with weight loss over the past few years and since I turned 40, it has become more difficult to keep the weight off and to shrink my mid section. I have been taking the fat burners for 5 days and have lost 6.5 pounds! I called your toll free number to order more, as I don’t see this product listed on your website. I don’t want to run out. How do I get more.
Athena M. Thomas
Something Finally Works!
I feel so good!! Something finally works!! I've been exercising 5 days a week for about 6 months but I haven't lost a pound. I just figured I'd continue to workout and maybe one day the weight will catch up. Then I received your email about Drop Slim At first I ignored it but then I decided to try it. MAN!!! That stuff is da bomb!! I have energy (but my heart's not racing), I'm not thinking about what I'm going to eat all of the time and I've gone down from a 14 to a 10. I only have 3 pills left and I'm trying to get through to order more. But I sure wanted to let you know that once the word is out about your new product EVERYONE'S GOING TO BE SKINNY BECAUSE OF YOU!! You hit the jackpot!!
Sharnelle Jones
P.S. I don't feel ridiculous in my clothes anymore. Thank you for creating Drop Slim!
My Appetite Is Controlled
My appetite is controlled, I have no cravings for sweets and I’m happy and energized. I’ve lost 3 lbs. so far and I just ordered thirty more today.
Anita Johnson
I Went From a Size 14 to a 10
I have lost 10 pounds in about 30 days! I had hit a plateau and Drop Slim helped me get over that 3 month hump. I look back on pictures now from 2 or 3 years ago and cannot believe how far I've come. Everyone tells me how great I look and how proud they are of me and I must admit that I am proud of me, too. Without the help of the Lord Jesus Christ and Renu Herbs I'd hate to think about where I'd still be in wishing I could/would do something about how looked and felt about myself. I still have 15 more pounds to go and I've ordered some more Drop Silm and look forward to a new and lighter me in the upcoming 2010 year! I will always remember 2009 though because it was the year I decided to and actually followed thru on changing my life for good!
T. Smallwood
I Don’t Have The Desire To Overeat
I don't have the desire to overeat like I always did. You know the saying my eyes are bigger than my stomach, well now I eat just to make sure I am getting the nutrition I need. I feel rejuvenated. I am on my 8th day and I have dropped 6 pounds! I have had a hard time losing weight especially since I am taking birth control. My doctor tells me I needed to gain control of my eating habits to even begin to see a change. Before I had my daughter in 2006 I was a size 6 and now after my son in 2008 I am a size 16. I want so badly to return to that thin waist I once had and I see I am heading down the right road with Drop Slim. Thank you so much!!!
Melanie R. Dix
Robin-I lost 9.5 pounds in 10 days!
I took Drop Slim for 10 days and have lost 9.5 pounds. I wanted something that would help me get control of my appetite and I wanted quick results. Now, my work pants are fitting looser.
“I make trips to the bathroom so I can look at myself”
II tried your product after trying so many others that were a total waste of money. I suffered from lack of energy, had strong cravings for sweets, and moodiness. I first tried the sample, then another sample and another. It made such a difference when I weighed I had lost 17 lbs. about a week later. It was 25lbs., now 27lbs. I have gone down 3 & one half sizes. It gives me lots of energy, no sweet cravings, clarity of mind and I sleep better so I wake up not feeling drowsy in the morning. I get so many compliments on how I look since the weight loss. The loss of inches is the best to me. I make trips to the bathroom so I can look at myself. Truthfully I was about to give up on ever being able to lose a significant amount of weight. Since running out and not using it for about 2 weeks the cravings are slowly coming back but I am still not able to eat much before feeling full. I have more weight I want to lose so I have placed another order.